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GhostMachine's Haunted Factory
Personal Skins


Personal Skins
Meshers look here!

The GhostMachine skin will be my own personal skin and will NOT be available for download. I trashed the previous design, because I got a better version of the paint program I use, with more filters.

(I'm still going to have some variants of the skin that I'm not posting pictures of, though. :) )

Not available for downloading. EVER!

Rocket Ranger is my main character in a `Cybersoap' called `League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions'. Or LICC, for short. In LICC, Rocket Ranger has several different specialized armors (much like Marvel Comics' Iron Man); this is his normal armor, which have sleeves that can be extended and retracted over his arms. The sleeves, not shown in the picture, are black. Note: My skinning ability has improved a LOT since I did this, and I plan on redoing this one (and putting it on a different mesh) in the near future. The new one WILL be available for download, though.