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GhostMachine's Haunted Factory
Meshers look here!


Personal Skins
Meshers look here!

If there are any meshers who can make meshes from scratch, I need 3 different meshes made, please.
1. A mesh similar to male_cape_pants_baggy, but without the cape, with the pants made a little baggier, the pants legs lowered about half an inch, and the boots made into ninja tabi boots (the big toe separated from the rest of the toes). A ponytail would also be nice, but not absolutely necessary. (If you're familiar with the retired Japanese wrestler Hayabusa, that's what I need the mesh for. I'm going to attempt to do a skin of him with the alternate mask (the one with the two eye holes and his mouth exposed)) I can *probably* supply pics if necessary (there aren't a lot of good, direct full-body pics of Hayabusa out there, but he wears pants similar to the wrestler Sabu's).
2. A mesh similar to either male_cape_pants_baggy (without the cape) or Punisher_TM, but with 2 pistols that each have a laser sight under the barrel, elf-like ears, and either two escrima sticks (preferred) or one dagger (survival knife, if possible) for extra melee combat attacks. No design changes needed, except removing the cape and adding the ears and weapons.
3. A male mesh with a duster or trenchcoat, hair like the hair on male_cape_hair (any long male hair will do, really - I'd even settle for a mullet!), a knife for melee attacks, and, if possible, this gun: - Last gun in the 3rd row. ANY futuristic-looking rifle without a banana clip will do, if you can't use that particular weapon.  
The 2nd and 3rd meshes are for two of my Shadowrun characters.
And I need the wireframes included, please. :)
If you can do ANY of these three meshes (and are willing), please PM me at Freedom Reborn or through EzBoard. Thanks.

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